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MEDS for Oil Rigs

Ninety percent of the world’s trade moves in containers and nearly half of all incoming U.S. trade moves by ship. The current situation is bleak at best, Maritime attacks are on the increase. Pirates are more aggressive. The financial impact is significant and increasing. Military solutions are weak– they can’t be everywhere at the same time and private sector solutions are non–existent.

Don’t leave port without it.

  • Integrated systems designed to specific threat levels,pier side, at anchor and under way.
  • Any ship can be easily refit to any level of ability
  • Crew assistance with installations cut costs
  • System operates with no user interface
  • System can provide off vessel reporting and monitoring
  • Integrated system designed to give advance warning prior to boarding, giving crew time to take evasive action.

A Closer Look at MEDS Onboard

With day/night and infrared gyro-stabilized cameras and motion detection equipment strategically placed, crews are alerted to the presence of an approaching threat. Bearing and speed data are provided through a radar interface. This is integrated into a security network on board with custom control panels and alert devices placed throughout the vessel. Custom control and monitoring can be satellite linked to corporate security offices, central monitoring and law enforcement personnel.



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